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Welcome to Belmar NJ, a site of the New Jersey Shore.

Belmar NJ is one of the most active towns on the Jersey Shore. It boasts a large public Marina along with a new gateway to the beach. The Belmar Bridge once was an obstacle to the southern routes along the Jersey shore. Now it is the convenient way to tour the New Jersey Shore. The Borough of Belmar enjoys an influx of over one hundred thousand visitors per season, beginning with the St. Patrick's Day Parade, followed by the annual Sea Food Festival.

Later in the summer, a popular 5k race on July 9th and a mid-summer Professional Volleyball Tournament on July 8th through the 10th, add to the appeal of this summer haven.

The public docks at the Marina provide easy boating access to the Atlantic Ocean through the Shark River Inlet. Along the Shark River Inlet, you will pass the Coast Guard Station on the North Shore in Avon-By-The-Sea.

Belmar NJ is unique within the Jersey Shore. It offers a brisk summer rental market where a family of four can enjoy a low cost vacation.

The weekend visitor has a real treat in store. There are a multitude of hotels, bed and breakfasts, real estate for sale, fine Belmar restaurants, shopping and fun bars to entertain and amuse.

Belmar fishing is renowned for the beginner as well as the serious enthusiast.

Have fun and don't forget your sun block!