Top 18 Things to Do in Belmar, NJ

Whether you’re just passing through or looking for a way to get you and your family more involved as a community member, Belmar, NJ has plenty to do for everyone. Here are the top 18 things to do in the charming town of Belmar!

  1. Park and Recreation

Belmar, New Jersey’s Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide variety of activities all through the year. These activities are geared towards occupying, involving, and entertaining, its residents and tourists. This department retains seven facilities that act as bases for various programs, clubs, and events Belmar has to offer.

  1. Belmar Youth Club

This unique club is home to a program that serves third through eighth graders who live in the community. The program runs November through March. This unique program allows for free play or organized games. It is a great opportunity for children to be with their friends in a safe, structured and supervised environment.

  1. Belmar Summer Camp

The summer camp in Belmar is an eight-week program that is open to children of all ages. Various activities include sports, arts and crafts, movie days, library visits, and beach and park activities. The camp counselor to child ratio is one counselor for every ten participants. This is a great way for kids to be involved in summer time activities and make new friends in the process.

  1. Bus Trips Offered by the Park and Rec District

These unique and fun bus trips offered by the parks department are a good way to get out and see new things. Some of the exciting trips offered through the year include trips to New York City, seeing a New Jersey Devils game, and enjoying a Broadway play. The bus trips to the hockey games include getting to go on the ice after the game and taking a shot from the blue line.

  1. Parks around Belmar

There are numerous parks and rec centers around Belmar that help to enhance the lives of the residents. These parks offer many wonderful amenities, such as a skate park, basketball courts, a gazebo, tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic areas, softball and baseball fields, and a rec gym. All of these offerings are free to the public and can also be scheduled for use for varying events or leagues.

  1. The Beaches

Belmar endeavors to offer the most well-maintained beaches to tourists and visitors alike. They have been rated cleaner and healthier to the environment and to the beachgoers compared to many other beaches around the country. The beach staff meticulously cleans and prepares the beaches at the beginning of every day. The staff also enforces the no smoking ban on the beaches and boardwalk.

The 7th Avenue Beach is ranked highest in New Jersey in the annual water report. One of Belmar’s pride and joys is how it maintains its outdoor areas. By making sure residents and visitors have safe, clean, and fun beaches for everyone to enjoy, Belmar has created a haven for people of all ages.

Belmar’s beaches have the most playgrounds in all of New Jersey. The convenience of these playgrounds is substantial, as they are located at about every 5 beaches, making the beach a fun outing for children and families.

In addition to these fun beach playgrounds every few blocks, many of Belmar’s beaches are dedicated to activities like kayaking, boogie boarding, and surfing. These beaches also offer surf camps, primarily at 3rd Avenue Beach, where people of varying ages and abilities can take surfing lessons.

  1. Beach Accessibility

Belmar is considered to have some of the most accessible beaches in the state of New Jersey. Belmar is one of the first towns to institute Mobi-Mats to numerous beaches. These mats are hard surface ramps that go to the beachfront and provide access for wheelchairs, baby strollers or those who need aid in walking. Season passes for the beaches are among the lowest throughout the Shore. There are even options to pair your pass with a transit pass, making it even more accessible to the community. The beach never closes, and picnics are allowed on any of Belmar’s beaches.

  1. Beach Weddings

Weddings on the beach are a big draw in the community. Ceremonies on the beach can be arranged by completing a simple special events application. If the wedding ceremony at the beach falls between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm, Memorial Day to Labor Day then all participants and attendees of the wedding must have a beach pass. If the wedding is after hours, and not within the Memorial or Labor Day time frame, it is free.

  1. Belmar Marina

Belmar Marina is well known for being home to New Jersey’s biggest charter boat fleet and party boat fleet. These boats are privately owned, and prices are set by of the boat owners. The prices often vary on the length of time the boat is being used and the type of fishing that is being done. Often times, special rates are granted to groups, senior citizens and children. Many items, like fishing rods, are available for rental on the boats, and they can come with packages for food and drinks. These boats are available every day of the year.

  1. Fishing Charters

All of the fishing charters have experienced captains and crew. The experienced fishermen on these charters have stellar track records catching fish. Some specialize in six-man charters and open boat fishing excursions. Some of the fishing charters in Belmar marina will charter up to a fifteen-person fishing trip, or a twenty person pleasure cruise.

  1. Party Boats

Belmar Marina is well known in New Jersey for having the largest party boat fleet. Sunset cruises are a good option, and include many amenities such as, a DJ, food and drink. This is good for graduations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or a beautiful night on the water with friends and family. Sunset cruises also come with fireworks and other add-ons. When visiting New Jersey, this is a must for the avid fisherman and sea lover.

  1. Organized Sports

Many organized sports are offered through the Belmar Recreation Department. Some of these include little league softball and baseball, basketball and soccer. There are also senior pickle ball leagues and winter walking activities available. Also unique to Belmar is the Belmar Kids Running Club. Here kids can learn the basics of running while learning how to be on a team.

  1. Seasonal Events at the Rec

The Recreation Department offers many fun seasonal events for its residents to enjoy. One perennial favorite for the children is Pirate Day. This is a welcoming of the children back to the playgrounds for the summer months. There is a treasure hunt and prizes for the best costume.

Another great seasonal event it the Easter Egg Hunt. The eggs are hidden in the sand at the beach, and certain eggs contain special prizes, and the Easter Bunny also makes an appearance.

At the sandcastle contest that takes place in July, residents can hone their sand skills by competing in this annual community favorite.

October wouldn’t be complete without the Halloween Parade. All the residents are welcome to dress up and compete for prizes.

  1. Dining in Belmar

Belmar, New Jersey offers a variety of cuisine for every palate. From pizza to fries, the raw bar located on the beautiful boardwalk, or a chic meal at top rated restaurants, the town is home to some of the Shore’s best restaurants. Many come to enjoy the views of the ocean and the delicious cuisine at many of the classic bistros. The choices are endless, and range from offerings of seafood, American, genuine ethnic and vegetarian eateries, pizza, and many more.

  1. Shopping

The shops on Belmar’s Ocean Avenue contain a wide variety of products to choose from. Surfing gear, beach accessories, souvenirs, snacks and fine dining are all available on Ocean Avenue. Belmar’s Main Street features many chic boutiques, home décor shops, art galleries, coffee houses and diverse and restaurants.

  1. Downtown Belmar

Throughout the warm months in Belmar, there is always something happening downtown. There are many restored classic automobiles that can be viewed in abundance on Cruise Nights. There is also a weekly farmers market that provides the freshest produce around town. Pyano Plaza is home to weekly live entertainment, and retail stores on the plaza offer a varying array of products. For residents and tourists alike, downtown Belmar is a must-see.

  1. Entertainment

The entertainment options in Belmar are plentiful. Movies on the beach are a big draw for the community. This is a great family option, as the movies are geared towards all ages. There are countless activities to choose from including art shows, antiquing, boating, birding, clamming, canoeing, crabbing, festivals, fireworks, kayaking, laser shows, surfing, parasailing and many more.

  1. Art in Belmar

Belmar, New Jersey offers varied and stimulating experiences in both the performing and visual arts for residents and tourists of all ages. These are offered year-round and encourage public involvement in and support for art related activities in and around Belmar.

The Belmar Arts Center provides an open stage for singers, musicians, improv artists, storytellers, and comedians alike, to share their talent. Annual events include an art walk and special exhibits throughout the year. Belmar Arts also sponsors wine tasting and open mics, as well as a platform for students at local schools to showcase their talents. Art has become a rich cultural experience for tourists and residents of Belmar.

The Beaches, the Boardwalk and the Marina in Belmar, NJ

About Belmar, New Jersey

The borough of Belmar in New Jersey is situated in Monmouth County. Belmar is a community known for its small-town appeal, rural charm, and an abundant community life. This borough has a profusion of recreational activities that are relished by residents and tourists alike. Belmar’s boardwalk and beaches are open year-round for the enjoyment of the community. During the summer, swimming, surfing, fishing, kayaking, and boogie boarding are a main stay. The mile long boardwalk in Belmar offers unbelievable panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Beaches in Belmar

Voted number four in 2017 in New Jersey, Belmar Beach is the best of the best. In 2015 many amenities were added to this popular attraction. These amenities include: water bottle filling stations, cell phone charging stations, beach umbrella and chair concessions, and additional playground equipment.

Belmar’s beaches are ranked one of the cleanest in New Jersey. The staff groom and clean the boardwalk and beaches every morning to obtain top notch cleanliness. The Belmar beaches also offer a succession of fun beach playgrounds every few blocks. Many of the beaches are dedicated to activities like kayaking, boogie boarding, and surfing. There is even a surf camp offered at 3rd Avenue Beach, where kids of all ages and abilities can take surfing lessons. For those who prefer dry activities, many of the beaches have poles installed for volleyball nets.

The Boardwalk

The boardwalk in Belmar is very unique—it is made out of composite materials, and therefore there is no chance of getting splinters. The boardwalk is a great place to jog and walk, as well as people-watch or relax and enjoy the views. The boardwalk is found on Ocean Avenue, which in and of itself offers many fascinating attractions. Shops and restaurants are located along the boardwalk, as well as plentiful entertainment that runs along the extensive stretch of beach.

The Marina

Belmar Marina is considered one of the best marinas on the Atlantic coast. The marina is less than a half-mile from the ocean. It is a great place to dock because of its floating concrete docks and complete security services. Belmar Marina is a stone’s throw away from downtown Belmar and its plethora of restaurants and shops. The restaurants range from casual to fine dining, and everything in between. Belmar’s beautiful beaches are eight blocks away, which makes for a pleasant and short walk that goes through some of the residential neighborhoods of this charming and delightful town.


The climate in Belmar, NJ is wonderful May through October, when it sees average highs from seventy to eighty degrees. November through April, the weather is cooler with average temperatures from forty to sixty degrees. In an average year Belmar, NJ sees 207 days of sun, which makes it a perfect place to enjoy the lovely small town charm of this borough. The climate here is made for walks along the boardwalk, marina and beach and enjoying the ocean views.