NJ Belmar Marina

Belmar is in a unique geographic location with the Shark River directly to the north of the borough. The Shark River is really a small bay that also encompasses several streams, mud flats, marshes, and an inlet from the Atlantic Ocean. It is the perfect location for a marina, offering protection from rough weather and space for plenty of boats. It’s a short half-mile trip from the marina to the open waters of the Atlantic. At low tide, the marina is still in water seven feet deep.

The Belmar Marina is much more than a place to park a boat. The marina is home to the 9th Avenue Pier Bar and Restaurant, plus facilities for barbecuing and picnicking. There is also a beach and playground along the river for children to enjoy. The marina has nice tennis courts and a well maintained putt-putt golf course.

Getting There

You will travel under four bridges when going from the ocean to the marina. The Ocean Avenue Bridge traverses the inlet from the Shark River bay to the ocean. The bridge opens on demand 24 hours a day all year for boats that require it. Boats must also navigate under the Highway 71 Bridge and a New Jersey Transit train bridge. These two bridges are 200 yards apart. The Highway 71 opens about every half hour, and the train bridge does too, although it gives priority to the trains. The last bridge is for Highway 35, and this one is not a drawbridge. This is a newer bridge, which offers a 50-foot clearance at high tide. The entire inlet is maintained and dredged by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. After going under Highway 35, boaters will see the Belmar Marina’s half mile of slips on the left.


The marina features easy access to its concrete floating docks. There are 70 temporary docks available for boats all the way up to 150 feet long. The rates for these docks are $2.25 per foot of boat per day. The marina is also home to many charter boats and party boats. The charter boats include Parker Pete’s, Celtic Stoirm, Fin Onimal, Katie H, Last One, Ol’ Salty II, Skylarker Charters, Suzie Girl, Teri-Jean II, Venture III, and XTC Sportfishing. The larger party boats include Big Mohawk, Captain Cal II, Golden Eagle, Tropical Adventure, Miss Belmar Princess, and Ocean Explorer.

Schedule and Hours

The marina is open from April 15 to December 14. From May to September, the marina is open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day. In the offseason, the marina is still open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays only. The cost for a slip for one season starts at $85 per foot of boat for smaller vessels of 20 feet or less up. The larger boats pay $139.73 per foot of slip for boats of 35 feet or more. Slips are also available for the entire year for large boats at a cost of $144.98 per foot of slip. Discounts are offered for paying on time and for being a resident of Belmar. Jet ski slips are $25 per day, and season jet ski slips are $500 for Belmar residents or $750 for nonresidents. Boat ramp use is $22 a day or $350 for the year. Boats can pay at the pump 24 hours a day with a credit card at the fuel dock.

Along with its other great qualities, the marina also has a bit of fame. It was featured in the third season of HBO’s Sopranos as the marina where Tony Soprano docks his boat. He uses it to entertain and also as a location for secretive meetings away from police wiretaps.